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Celebrity Matchmakers & Dating pros Alessandra & Cristina Conti assist Modern Daters use the secret regarding Finding Great Relationships



The Short Version: When Alessandra Conti and her aunt, Cristina Conti Pineda, co-founded Matchmakers during the City, they’d one aim in mind: to simply help make lasting really love connections from coast to coast. Working between la, new york, san francisco bay area, and DC, the duo has actually matched customers â€” from the Hollywood elite to high-profile Manhattanites â€” with associates perfectly worthy of their particular lifestyles. Besides, for those who need assistance with navigating present matchmaking scene, Alessandra and Cristina’s practical training classes provide the toolset you’ll want to find, bring in, and construct long-lasting, successful interactions.


Alessandra Conti and Cristina Conti Pineda were matchmakers since their start of playing in sandboxes and climbing on forest fitness centers. The siblings discovered that that they had a normal ability in making people they know’ childlike crushes transform into anything actual.

“We’ve been matchmaking earlier was even socially easily accessible,” Cristina said. “Our first proper match between our very own friends was at 2nd quality.”

Their excitement, passion, and impulse for really love associations have catapulted them into an international brand sought-after by elite nyc socialites additionally the that’s who of Hollywood.

“We turned into incorporated six years back and were only available in Los Angeles with two matchmakers,” Alessandra said. “we’ve four matchmakers and an unbelievable employees that aids everything we would.”

With headquarters in l . a ., the duo’s agency, Matchmakers from inside the City, acts lots and lots of clients coast-to-coast from offices in New York, DC, and bay area. The theory behind this broad dispersal would be to right deliver the practical, in-person matchmaking magic of this Conti brand to consumers in their own backyards.

Named certified relationship specialists because of the Matchmaking Institute and Dating professionals Bureau, the Conti sisters start thinking about by themselves antique in the present high-tech sugar daddy dating culture.

“we have the moving services and shakers and those that come in a good devote their job,” Alessandra mentioned. “nonetheless they don’t want to end up being swiping through many people on a hot-or-not industry.”

Consumers can rest assured that this group delivers on its expertise in checking out body language and identifying character types to complement their particular ideal profile.

“It is a calling, and then we feel we were born to do this,” Alessandra said. “We couldn’t picture doing other things.”

Dating Coaching Developed Around a customer’s Needs

Alessandra and Cristina’s internet dating coaching is an appealing, private experience for clients to uncover brand new methods and ways to release old, useless matchmaking routines.

“We’ve aided hundreds transform their really love lives through coaching by targeting lasting modification,” Alessandra mentioned. “All coaching periods are individualized to target a customer’s past problem areas and establish an idea of motion for future relationship achievements.”

The Conti sisters are creating versatile training bundles to serve the requirements of many consumers. For $190, you are able to consult with these dating experts for an hour on a monthly basis. A lot of money package of 10 per hour classes is $1,810, and four hourly classes tend to be $680.

Alessandra or Cristina can assist consumers who are fresh to training or may require energizing relationship recommendations with a one-hour session for a price of $200 or a 30-minute period for $100. You can easily choose any of the solutions right from their website, and pick a convenient date and time.

Financial Adviser Danielle contributed her success throughout the siblings’ reviews page.

“I found myself truly hesitant to use a matchmaker at first, but i’m therefore happy that I got the plunge,” she mentioned. “My big date coaching classes have altered just how I approach online dating inside my on a daily basis. The personalized interest the matchmakers gave me might amazing. I am being reached by more guys within my every day life and get much more leads than in the past.”

To enhance Danielle’s success, she said she lately got interested and has intentions to wed soon.

Members flourish With All-Inclusive Matchmaking Bundles

Becoming a Bachelor or Bachelorette user can happen in a few points. It takes two mins to create a free of charge profile. The details offered is kept 100percent private and is also intended for the matchmakers’ sight merely. Within 2 days, a team user will organize a time to meet up with.

Per Cristina, how to communicate with your own Matchmaker is through the Matchmakers into the City application (MITC).

“The application connects one your own licensed personal Matchmaker,” she stated. “Clients can enjoy a totally free meeting with their matchmaker via Skype.”

This session enables you to select a membership choice that is right to your requirements and spending budget. Fundamental Membership starts at $100, and Priority Membership varies from $1,850 to $25,000.

“among the numerous perks to be a part is actually connecting with this group of specialists,” Cristina said.

The group is made up of hand-picked photographers, gestures professionals, time coaches, and stylists who’re willing to assist transform you against the inside away. This critically recommended team has-been showcased in major news channels, including Vanity reasonable, Essence Magazine, MSNBC, brand new York instances, The Oprah Winfrey program, Elle, and Glamour Magazine.

The all-inclusive membership bundle comes with face to face time with each match.

“We’ve met our consumers in person,” Alessandra said. “We would background, social media marketing, and gender offender checks.”

People appreciate this important secure that makes sure all potential times tend to be thoroughly vetted. The matchmakers manage the hard work so you’re able to delight in all of the perks of having prepared for your upcoming date.

Pointed Advice Educates on Relationship-Building Practices

Matchmakers in the City carries relevant articles and hot matchmaking strategies for men and women to make use of each day. Find most readily useful online dating practices, suggestions about gender and sex, and how to just take baby stages in a fresh commitment.

Alessandra and Cristina’s best content articles are additionally shared on professional routine, YourTango, Guest of a Guest Dating, and Fox Information Channel. You can also participate in their flourishing social networking neighborhood on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“We like hosting the Matchmakers from inside the City Podcast,” Alessandra mentioned. “its a way for us to inform the secrets about really love and relationships to the a lot of committed and new followers.”

Every week, listeners can stay tuned to learn the most recent how to take their particular relationships to a new amount of love. The Conti siblings cover every subject — from very first day issues to leaving on the buddy region and holiday romances.

Alessandra & Cristina Help change appreciate physical lives of Busy & Elite

In inclusion to personalized coaching, hosting a podcast, being professional matchmakers, the Conti siblings tend to be splitting new soil various other areas.

“we are both in the process of introducing a night out together clean next month or two,” Cristina mentioned. “this can be a 40-day clean for females which accept stop online dating for this time so they are able recover in order to find best guy.”

This clean deepens the inner transformation for clients who feel the great things about their own dynamic coaching types.

“I’m doing a program known as Dating Like a Lady president,” Alessandra stated. “We assist countless girl employers that I realized there is a requirement for this.”

Lady bosses is actually Alessandra’s term for very pushed, winning ladies who tend to be game-changers within their pro professions but need that added assistance in finding really love. She anticipates this working area to-be designed for new and coming back customers in 2018.

Matchmakers inside City is ready to guide you right into the arms of this special male or female you have been yearning to satisfy. As a result of large volume of account individuals, Matchmakers in the City simply cost you a $100 running charge if you’re chosen. And customers have found the duo’s power and devotion to service will probably be worth every penny.

“if you are a Matchmaker, it isn’t all good,” Alessandra stated. “it could be a rollercoaster of experiences because locating love for some body can be very challenging. But when you like that which you would, so when you’re proficient at it, you are able to experience the benefits of our perseverance. We repeat this for really love.”

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Ex BBB faz rifa on line para custear documentário




Vagner Lara, mais conhecido por Vavá, participante do reality BBB14, faz a sua 11° Peregrinação de Páscoa e comemora 20 anos da sua primeira caminhada.

Para celebrar esse momento e também tirar dúvidas de futuros peregrinos, Vavá decidiu fazer um documentário e um livro contando tudo sobre esses 20 anos de caminhadas e peregrinações pelo mundo. Além disso, o ex BBB vai transmitir ao vivo sua a 11° Peregrinação de Páscoa pelo seu canal do YouTube. Vão ser sete dias de caminhada com entradas ao vivo durante o dia e lives durante a noite mostrando todos os perrengues e as glórias do dia.

“As caminhadas e peregrinações fazem parte da minha vida nesses 20 anos. Tenho muitas histórias, momentos e pensei em dividir com as pessoas que curtem esse tipo de aventura.”, conta Vavá.

Para custear todo esse projeto, o ex BBB decidiu fazer uma rifa virtual de duas festas do seu Buffet Super Peralta no valor de R$ 5.000,00 cada, uma para o ganhador e a outra para uma Ong ou Instituição infantil que o sorteado escolher.

“Todas as minhas peregrinações e caminhadas são sempre em agradecimento a tudo o que acontece na minha vida. Para custear o documentário resolvi fazer a rifa e fiquei pensando em uma forma de fazer uma Ação Social através do projeto. Foi aí que veio a ideia de sortear duas festas, uma para o ganhador e outra para uma Ong (que ele escolher).”, diz Vagner.

A Rifa está sendo vendida pelo link: ou pelo telefone: (11) 3451-3451

A 11° Perigrinação de Páscoa rumo à Aparecida do Norte começa no dia 24 (domingo de Ramos) e a chegada acontece no dia 30 de março (sábado de Aleluia)


Acompanhe todos os detalhes dessa aventura pelas redes sociais:

Instagram: @vagner_lara


Site Oficial:


Crédito Fotos: Thiago Duran

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Marcos Koenigkan – Uma história de sucesso.




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The CIRCLE busca impulsionar o empreendedorismo feminino




Em um cenário onde as mulheres ainda lutam por espaço e reconhecimento no mundo dos negócios, o grupo The CIRCLE Reliable Businesswomen (RBW) surge como um porto seguro de colaboração, crescimento e empoderamento feminino.
Mais do que um simples grupo, o The CIRCLE se configura como um verdadeiro ecossistema de confiança e suporte mútuo, onde mulheres empreendedoras encontram as ferramentas e o apoio necessário para prosperar em conjunto, impulsionando o crescimento exponencial dos seus negócios.
Segundo a fundadora e CEO Luciana Crespim, o The CIRCLE é muito mais do que um simples grupo de networking. Indo além das fronteiras tradicionais de compra e venda, o grupo se dedica a promover a maturidade empresarial, facilitar parcerias estratégicas e fomentar novos empreendimentos entre suas integrantes.
“Fomos criadas para não confiarmos umas nas outras, crescemos aprendendo a disputar o palco e a atenção, e isso muitas vezes se reflete no ambiente empresarial”, destaca Luciana.
Para combater essa cultura, o The CIRCLE se propõe a criar um espaço seguro e acolhedor, onde as mulheres podem compartilhar experiências, trocar conhecimentos e construir laços de colaboração. “No The CIRCLE, colocamos em um mesmo ambiente empresárias com um mindset de crescimento e conselheiras com grande expertise. Assim, buscamos quebrar paradigmas e fomentar alianças que gerem riqueza para todas”, afirma.
Luciana destaca que o impacto do The CIRCLE na vida das mulheres que dele fazem parte é tangível. Para muitas, o grupo representa um refúgio onde podem compartilhar suas lutas, celebrar suas conquistas e receber o suporte necessário para alcançarem seu máximo potencial.
“O The CIRCLE é um espaço onde colocamos em prática a sororidade. Não queremos discursos vazios nem marketing sem propósito. Somos batalhadoras em um mundo real, comemoramos nossas vitórias, mas queremos um ambiente onde possamos expor nossas fraquezas e contar com o apoio e a ajuda de outras mulheres para crescermos continuamente”, ressalta.
A adesão ao grupo se dá exclusivamente por meio de indicação. “As empresárias convidadas a participarem do The CIRCLE sabem que são mulheres reconhecidas por outras mulheres que a indicaram como alguém confiável e que acreditam na excelência do seu trabalho”, explica Luciana. “Existe um movimento contínuo de generosidade e bondade dentro do The CIRCLE e não abrimos mão deste ecossistema construído.”
Além disso, é importante destacar que o The CIRCLE RBW é um grupo sem fins lucrativos. Sua missão vai além do dinheiro, buscando criar um ambiente propício para o surgimento de empresas saudáveis e bilionárias fundadas por mulheres visionárias.
“O The CIRCLE não é um negócio em si, não cobramos mensalidade e não queremos que a iniciativa seja uma fonte de lucro. Isto seria muito pouco para mulheres tão exponenciais. Nós queremos mais, queremos empresas saudáveis e bilionárias fundadas por mulheres visionarias que não limitam seu crescimento. Sabemos que estamos lutando contra pré-conceitos e crenças enraizadas, mas seguiremos lutando por um mundo onde mulheres maduras ajudem mais mulheres a atingirem seu máximo potencial”, finaliza Luciana Crespim.
Para saber mais sobre o The CIRCLE Reliable Businesswomen e se envolver com essa comunidade de empreendedorismo feminino, acesse suas redes sociais: LinkedIn:, Instagram: @the.CIRCLE.rbw, Site:

The CIRCLE Reliable Businesswomen
Telefone: (47) 9889-69639 / Whatsapp: (11) 9898-37691
Instagram: @the.CIRCLE.rbw

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Marcos Koenigkan – Uma história de sucesso.

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