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How to Play Checkers Online

Play Checkers Online in three simple steps: 1. Create a profile by selecting an avatar, sign of country and entering into your nickname. Select the rules for playing the game. Start playing and simply enjoy the cool Game. Your moves are evaluated with every move and if you make a mistake you will lose a life.

Game is for 2 players, each one receives an 8 column by 8 row square on the upper portion of the board. The two players are required to check slot frozen gems each square and place their flags there. The objective of this game is for one player to win all the checkers by making as many turns as possible. The game ends when a player reaches to twenty-one pieces on the lower portion of the board. The winner is the player who has made the most number of checks without colliding with any other players piece. Checkers Online game can be played by people from all age groups and even children can play this exciting game with their parents.

In this cool game, a player is required to make as many swings as possible so that they can place the flag on the square that they want. To make more moves, the player can change the board from horizontal and vertical light squares to the vertical light squares. To make an attack, the player can rotate either one or both light squares. When a player lands on a square that has an enemy that is occupying that particular square, the player will make a check and in that case, the player will need to roll a six-sided die to make one or more swings. This will result to a checkers game that is totally dominated by the player’s maneuvering skills. Once a player wins a checkers game, he will move to the next board and continue playing his moves fire joker slot like in the beginning of the game.


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